Fields of Application

In a world where there is a demand for products with smaller dimensions, Le Guellec find more & more applications for precision tubes & profiles.
These custom made products fit perfectly into assemblies and sub-assemblies which demand precision, reliability & innovation.

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Precision tubes & profiles in the aeronautic industry

avionAs a leading supplier of OEM & Repair Stations, Le Guellec are a key partner for the production of precision tubes & profiles in the aeronautics industry.
Their products are found in both European and International Aircraft Programs. Today, 45% of its products is dedicated to Aeronautic applications.

This significant development has been possible thanks to:

– Highly qualified staff,
– Innovative Technologies,
– Continuous Investment in Lean Manufacturing processes,
– NADCAP accreditation for special processes (heat treatment, chemical processes).
– High quality products & serviceAir conditioning systems_10349-0_W300

Aerospace Applications:

– Tubes for Heat Exchangers,
– Temperature sensors,
Pitot tubes,
– Linear displacement sensors,
– Metal O’Rings.

Other industrial applications for precision tubes & profiles

Precision tubes & profiles are present on many Niches Markets: precision engineering, medical, automotive equipment, electronics, telecommunications, electrical appliances etc…

Few examples:

autres_industries– Measurement & control devices,
– Medical Instruments,
– Exhaust Sensors,
– Electronic tubes.