Precision profiles

Precision profiles

For supporting technological changes in some markets, Le Guellec company extended their products range. For 15 years Le Guellec have manufactured precision profiles dedicated to the Aerospace Industry.

Looking for continuous improvement, Le Guellec recently invested in a rolling machine whose production capacities enable it to extend the application areas of its products.


The custom shaped wires can be obtained by 2 processes; namely :
– Cold drawing
– Cold rolling

Download our custom shaped wire data sheet


The dimensions of precision profiles

– Sections up to 10 x 10 mm
Full or hollow shape
– Tolerances up to +/- 5µm
– Continuous laser control of dimensions
– Delivery shapes: in coils, straight lengths or cut parts with +/-0.20mm & Cpk> 1.33

 The materials used for precision profiles

– Heat resistant alloys (Inconel)
– Other special alloys (Hastelloy, Phynox, Nitinol)
– Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, …

The shapes of precision profiles

– Custom produced special shapes with laminating rollers
– Full or hallow

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