Proud to produce in Brittany

Very attached to its area, the company Le Guellec is proud of producing all of its products in Brittany because its assets are numerous: a highly skilled & involved working force and an ideal living environment for combining professional & private life.

Customer focus and partnership

Based at the tip of Finistere (Area of Brittany), Le Guellec aims to be close to its customers to build partnerships. For this, the sales force regularly visits their customers for discussing their needs and responding to them in a timely manner! Le Guellec also have a representative network which ensures a local service all around the globe.

The quality of product is recognized by the customers which trust Le Guellec for many decades. Thanks to this confidence, Le Guellec can work in total partnership with their customers to build long term relationships.
They commit themselves to supply high quality products which perfectly meet their expectations and to support them in their projects.

Innovation at the heart of business

In an environment with increased competition, Le Guellec is committed to innovate processes, product design and materials in order to provide the best technical solutions to theirs customers and support them in their development.
For this, a Research & Development team consisting of 5 experienced engineers combine their competences & expertise in order to turn their customer’s developments and projects into a reality.

Investment for improving

Innovation is also synonymous of investment in new technologies which help to progress. Le Guellec regularly invests in new production means in order to support their customers in their development.