Bent tubes

Le Guellec Tubes & Profiles has recently taken over Procintre in order to extend their production capabilities in bending & machining operations.

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The different qualities of bent tubes

2D, 3D bending

The rolling of tubes with large bending radius is carried out on a bending machine with 3 rollers.
The 3D bending involves the cold bending, hollow by winding and with a mandrel.

Spiral tubes

The precision necking is made on a 6-pass horizontal press with turning punches.

Bent tubes with shaped ends

Possibility of shaped ends : flared, reduced, flange
Possibility of nozzle ends : crimped, brazed or welded

The dimensions of bent tubes

Outside diameter : Mini : 1,00 mm – Maxi : 42,00 mm
Wall thickness : Mini : 0,10 mm – Maxi : 3,00 mm
Alloy grades : Low carbon steel, Nickel alloys, copper, titanium etc…


Tooling study and production
Short radius
Short straight part between bends
Tight tolerances
Welding, brazing, crimping, machining, cold shaping

Production capacities

Small and medium series
Large volume on analysis
High Tech Industries : Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Machine Tool
Short delivery time thanks to significant material stock