The quality, a daily concern

Every person is involved in ensuring quality at Le Guellec.

Since the implementation of the Quality Policy in 1991, the Quality Department has been responsible for the achievement and maintenance of the different Quality Assurance Accreditations.
In order to meet and anticipate its customers’ requirements, Le Guellec meets the requirements of following standards:
EN 9100 and ISO9001 for its Quality Management System
NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Programm) for special processes (Heat Treatment & Chemical processing)
As a proof of its quality concern, its NACAP certification for passivation has been renewed with Merit Status. (2 years’ validity)

As Le Guellec is aware of the need of protecting the environment, consideration of the standard ISO 14001 has begun in earnest.
The Quality of Service is also one of Le Guellec priorities because it reflects its commitment for reaching optimal customer satisfaction.

  • On Long Term Agreements, its OTD rate (On Time Delivery) is over 98%.
  • In 2013, Le Guellec company has been rewarded by Liebherr for its quality, logistics and Development performances and obtained the Best Supplier Award.

Through the customers’ satisfaction survey, it is important for Le Guellec to get your feedback for continuous improvement. Please feel free to complete it.
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photo JYDJean-Yves DENIGOT : Quality, Control and Safety Manager
Tel. +33 (0)2 98 92 89 92





Documents to be loaded
ISO9001:2015 Certificate
EN9100:2018 Certificate
NADCAP Certificate – Heat Treatment
NADCAP Certificate – Chemical Processing
REACH Declaration of compliance
RoHS 10 Declaration of compliance